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First Fun Flashcards Animals

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Publikováno: 2015
Formát: hardback 27 stran
Cena: 72 Kč běžně 80 Kč
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First Fun Flashcards Animals contains 27 double-sided cards, each with an animal photograph on one side, and its name and a brief description on the other side. For example, 'bear' and 'bears have big, strong paws'. Kids can familiarise themselves with each word and learn new facts. Packaged in a durable card box, these fantastic flashcards for toddlers are ideal for using at home and while travelling. Features of First Fun Flashcards Animals: • The easy-to-read text, animal facts and amazing wildlife photography help children to learn new words and information about animals. • A mixture of images are used – from common examples such as 'tiger' to more unusual animals such as 'puffin' – to stimulate a child's curiosity and expand vocabulary. • The pack includes two extra flash cards – a double-sided instruction card with ideas for games that support early learning, as well as an overview flashcard for kids to name all the animals independently. • These flashcards for toddlers are made of sturdy material and are the perfect size for small hands. Ideas for how to use First Fun Flashcards Animals: • Describe an animal and ask your child to guess what it is. • Choose a card, and if applicable, talk about the noises the animal makes. • Group the animals into different categories, such as number of legs. • Ask questions about the pictures to develop your child's imagination. For example, 'What is the kangaroo going to do next?'.


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  • EAN: 9781782091196

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