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Grammar Activity Book

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Autor: Bob Obee
Vydavatel: Cambridge University Press
Jazyk: Angličtina
Publikováno: 1999
Formát: paperback
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Sbírka kopírovatelných gramatických her ??a aktivit, jejichž cílem je oživit hodiny anglického jazyka. ( Elementary až Upper-intermediate)
The Grammar Activity Book is a collection of photocopiable grammar games and activities designed to liven up the English language classroom. The material is aimed mainly at younger students but could also be used with other age groups. Each of the sixty-two activities is accompanied by a page of notes to the teacher which clearly outline who the activity is for, the main grammar focus, the time needed and how to prepare for the lesson. There are then step-by-step instructions on how to set the activity up in the language classroom. This bank of materials is full of thought-provoking activities that engage the learner both in exploring aspects of structure and using language in a meaningful way. The material can be integrated easily into the course structure so that the grammar lesson can be supplemented in a motivating and highly enjoyable way.ContentsMap of the Book; Introduction; UNIT 1: TIME LIKE THE PRESENT; 1.1 Global animal bingo; 1.2 Behind the screen; 1.3 Wildlife whoopers; 1.4 Adverb backgammon; UNIT 2: QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS; 2.1 'So what's the question?'; 2.2 Sporting chances; 2.3 Do card quiz; 2.4 Zig-zag questions; UNIT 3:TALKING ABOUT THINGS PAST; 3.1 Round about when; 3.2 Last week's news; 3.3 Joke go-betweens; 3.4 Past identities; UNIT 4: MAKING COMPARISONS; 4.1 Line up accordingly; 4.2 ratio roulette; 4.3 Psychic partners; 4.4 Comparative short straws; UNIT 5: DESCRIBING THINGS; 5.1 Four card adjectives; 5.2 Collocation bridges; 5.3 Square routes; 5.4 Sort yourselves out; UNIT 6: LOOKING TO THE FUTURE 6.1 Dedication poems; 6.2 Arrangement squares; 6.3 Pantomime fish; 6.4 Collecting evidence; UNIT 7: THINGS WE CAN COUNT; 7.1 Determiner dominoes; 7.2 Pieces of me; 7.3 Building captions; 7.4 Open 'the' doors; UNIT 8: USING THE PERFECT; 8.1 Record breakers; 8.2 What have you done; 8.3 Jigsaw mischief; 8.4 Adverb rummy; 8.5 Opposite number changes; 8.6 Point in a story; UNIT 9: CONDITIONAL MEANING; 9.1 Homophone healing; 9.2 Blanks and brackets; 9.3 Seeking scruples; 9.4 Memory consequences; UNIT 10: OBLIGATION AND POSSIBILITY (MODAL VERBS); 10.1 Headline investment; 10.2 Streetwise surveys; 10.3 Royal behaviour; 10.4 Rules and lines; UNIT 11: INDICATING TIME, MOVEMENT AND PLACE; 11.1 Preposition chequers; 11.2 Opposite moves; 11.3 Time pieces; 11.4 Last card wins; UNIT 12: FUNCTIONAL EXCHANGES; 12.1 Answer keys; 12.2 On the floor debate; 12.3 Conversation pyramids; 12.4 Answer hopping; UNIT 13: WHAT SOMEONE SAID; 13.1 Beyond belief; 13.2 Something to report; 13.3 Connecting speech; 13.4 Who asked you? UNIT 14: USING THE PASSIVE; 14.1 Signs of the passive; 14.2 Whose house?; 14.3 Causative day out; 14.4 Fairy tale jigsaw races; UNIT 15: REVISION GAMES; 15.1 Slide rules; 15.2 Tense squares; 15.3 Throw out puzzles; 15.4 Sole mates.


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  • EAN: 9780521575799


Jazyková úroveň A2 - B2 - Elementary - Upper-intermediate

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