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Inside Psychology


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Publikováno: 2008
Formát: 310 stran
Cena: 1 496 Kč
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nebo Hlídající pes, Doporučit známému, Položit dotaz prodejci, Přidat do oblíbených


Psychology is a comparatively young science. From its origins in the psychophysics laboratories of late 19th century Germany, it made great strides throughout the 20th century, and can now be considered one of the most rapidly growing of the sciences, as evidenced by the enormous growth at both undergraduate level and research level. This book takes a step back to consider just how we got to where we are in psychology. It brings together some of the leading and most influential figures from the past 50 years, covering neuropsychology, social psychology, experimental psychology, perception, physiology and many others. Each contributor considers the path their own field has taken - both the advances, and the set-backs. They look at how their area has changed - how it might have been 'in vogue' one day, and out of fashion the next. The accounts are personal, witty, and provide a much needed stock-take of just where psychology stands at the start of the 21st century, and where it might be heading in the coming years. Highly accessible, the book will make fascinating reading for anyone at all interested in psychology and its history- from students upwards, as well as those more broadly interested in the study of the mind.


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  • EAN: 9780199228768

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