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Is it Just Me or Has the Shit Hit the Fan?: Your Hilarious New Guide to Unremitting Global Misery

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Jazyk: angličtina
Publikováno: 11/2009
Formát: vázané
Cena: 80 Kč ( 73 Kč bez DPH)
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First the crisis, now The Reckoning - but funny. The authors of Is It Just Me Or Is Everything Shit?, the bestselling satire of the credit and consumerism culture that wondered when it would all go wrong, now wonder why the people picking up the pieces are rushing headlong to get back to business as usual. From Sarkozy to Obama, bank bailouts to enviro-copouts, people getting overly obsessed with The Wire to economists lining up to explain away their credulity; a rumination on the fact that Jordan is actually rich enough to buy General Motors following its share crash; plus a hard-hitting analysis of Bob the Builder...this is an all-out, hilarious assault against the new worldwide crisis culture. Funny, sharp, sparky and timely, this book will name names and expose the bunglers, while also focussing on the sillier side of catastrophic events.


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  • ISBN: 1847443656
  • EAN: 9781847443656

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