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Publikováno: 2005
Formát: paperback
Cena: 108 Kč ( 98 Kč bez DPH)
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LifeLike offers a new approach to learning about the cultures of the English-speaking world, presenting them primarily from an insider’s viewpoint. LifeLike focuses on real-life experience and the way culture shapes daily life in today’s multicultural societies. Together with material such as articles, websites, songs, maps, geographical data, LifeLike employs a range of short, accessible passages of fiction, essay and autobiography by young writers from all over the English-speaking world – from Zadie Smith and Nick Hornby to Jhumpa Lahiri. These authors explore and comment on aspects of their own culture from exciting new angles in language that is fresh, authentic and direct. LifeLike is subdivided into 8 topic areas connected to aspects of everyday life. • HOME • EDUCATION • WORK • FOOD • TRAVEL • LEISURE & SPORT • FASHION & SHOPPING • MUSIC & THE ARTS Special features: – Introductory DOSSIER with information on the human geography and history of the English-speaking world – SONGLINES with a song connected to each topic area – WORDWATCH zooming in on specific terms related to the topic – NUMBER CRUNCHING with statistics, charts and graphs mapping social and cultural trends – ARTIST’S CORNER featuring the work of contemporary artists connected to each topic – THINK TANK group-based creative projects – LANGUAGE LAB in each unit, including First Certificate in English-style exercises and grammar practice – LINKS connecting texts in different topic areas to the introductory dossier – ACTIVITIES covering the four skills, plus research projects and web-related tasks in the style of the European Portfolio – Detailed LINGUISTIC NOTES for fast comprehension and vocabulary building LifeLike is accompanied by an audio CD/CD-ROM, featuring both the audio recording and an interactive CD-ROM. – AUDIO section with stimulating listening exercises, interviews and conversations featuring speakers from all over the English-speaking world – CD-ROM section with 8 short film clips (1 for each unit) from The Truman Show, Bend it like Beckham, Lost in Translation and more. Each clip is accompanied by a detailed synopsis of the film, a director’s biography, an introduction and interactive activities


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  • ISBN: 8853004312
  • EAN: 9788853004314

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