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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English 6th Edition Paper with Online Access


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Jazyk: angličtina
Publikováno: 30.4.2014
Formát: kniha 2224 stran
Cena: 881 Kč běžně 1 036 Kč
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Brand new edition of the best-selling dictionary for Advanced learners – now with extra Grammar support.The sixth edition of this best-selling dictionary ensures students produce more accurate English both in writing and speaking. Now with expanded Grammar information, students get extra help with grammar patterns and using the correct tenses. The integrated Collocations Dictionary shows learners which words to use together, whilst the integrated Thesaurus helps them to expand their vocabulary. Register Notes focus on the diff erences between spoken and written English.In print• Now includes extra help with grammar patterns.• 230.000 words, phrases and meanings – more than any other advanced learner’s dictionary.• 165.000 examples based on real and natural English.• Clear definitions written using only 2,000 common words.• Over 18.000 synonyms, antonyms and related words.• Over 65.000 collocations.• The top 3.000 most frequent words in spoken and written English are highlighted to show which are the most important to know.• Register notes focus on the difference between spoken and written English.On-line• FREE 12 month subscription to Longman Dictionaries Online. • Unlimited access to LDOCE oneline with regular updates so you will always have access to the very latest language support.• Improved functionality to facilitate customisable teaching and learning.Mobile• Also available for iPad/iPhone, Android or Blackberry.


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  • EAN: 9781447954200

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