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Los Alamos


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Jazyk: angličtina
Publikováno: 03/1998
Formát: brožované
Cena: 215 Kč běžně 239 Kč
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nebo Hlídající pes, Doporučit známému, Položit dotaz prodejci, Přidat do oblíbených


Near the end of World War II, high on a mesa overlooking the shimmering New Mexico desert, an international team of scientists has gathered together to build the world's most dangerous weapon. Night and day, month after month, the labs and living quarters of this makeshift community buzz with activity as the top-secret operation draws closer to its goal: the building of the deadliest bomb in human history. A few more weeks, and the bomb will be completed; a week or two past that, and the war will be instantly and irrevocably ended.This, of course, is not fiction. Led by Robert Oppenheimer, a team of brilliant scientists in Los Alamos, New Mexico did indeed work together on the Manhattan Project, the secret operation to build the world's first atomic bomb. Against this backdrop--and using Oppenheimer as one of the major characters--Joe Kanon has constructed an ingenious and utterly absorbing thriller.It begins with a murder. In April, 1945, the Project is moving smoothly forward until one evening, a body is discovered in nearby Santa Fe. Local police treat the case with routine suspicion, but when the victim is identified as a scientist from "the Hill, " the army launches a covert internal investigation to find the killer. Has the secrecy of the Project been compromised? Is it possible that the slain man, an enigmatic scientist named Bruner, was revealing classified information to the enemy, or were the bizarre circumstances of his death merely evidence of a lovers' quarrel gone horribly wrong?Michael Connolly, the intelligence officer brought in to crack the case--and then use his PR skills to make it disappear--soon discovers that nothing about Bruner's murder is routine. Butin Los Alamos, a place dedicated to keeping secrets, uncovering the truth proves harder than expected. It is only when he falls in love and begins an affair with Emma Pawlowski, the spirited wife of one of the scientists, that Connolly truly begins to weave together the hidden lives ...


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  • EAN: 9780440224075

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