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MAGIC BOOK SB with activity 1

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Formát: paperback paperback 80 stran
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A six-level English language course for elementary school children by Mariagrazia Bertarini, Martha Huber, Paolo Iotti The primary aim of the course is to create a progressive passage whereby the child describes reality using a new tool (the English language) to redefine his surroundings and reorganize the gained knowledge thanks to the acquisition of a new perspective. Each level consists of: Student’s Book with Activity Book and Portfolio (MB1: pp.80; MB2: pp.96; MB3: pp.112; MB4: pp.112; MB5: pp.128; MB6: pp.128) Also available for levels 1-2-3-4-5: My Special Book with Teacher’s Guide Insert + Audio CD (pp.32) The Magic Book refers to a book that four children - Nick, Molly, Eddy and Jenny, find by chance. Magically, Benjy the Bear comes to life from out of the book and stays with the children to guide them through the next six years of learning. The course covers the curriculum requirements for the English language area, based on the Common European Framework of Reference (Level A1/A2): •each level of the course offers between 80 and 90 lessons, including evaluation; •each lesson will be expected to take approx. 45 to 60 min.; •day-to-day teaching notes with reinforcement and extension activities; •a rich and varied resource file in each Teacher’s Book.


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  • ISBN: 885361224X
  • EAN: 9788853612243

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