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Ministers at War : Winston Churchill and His War Cabinet


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Publikováno: 2015
Formát: Hardback 352 stran
Cena: 583 Kč běžně 648 Kč
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After the defeat of France in May 1940, only one nation stood between Nazi Germany and total domination of Europe - Britain. This is the gripping story of Winston Churchill's wartime government, an emergency coalition of Conservatives, Labour, Liberals and men of no party, assembled to see Britain through the war. A chronicle not only of their successful efforts to work together but also of quarrels, power plays, unexpected alliances and intrigue, it is an account of the most important political narrative of our time. With a cast of characters featuring some of the most famous names in twentieth-century British history, including Bevin, Attlee, Chamberlain, Beaverbrook, Morrison, Eden, Cripps - and of course Winston Churchill - this magisterial work provides a unique view of the inner machinations of Britain's wartime cabinet. Dispelling that the War Cabinet constituted an unbreakable 'band of brothers', award-winning historian Jonathan Schneer reveals that this ensemble of political titans were in fact a 'team of rivals' that included four Prime Ministers - past, present and future. Both illuminating and engrossing, Ministers at War is the first work to draw upon original research to present a previously unseen perspective of British politics during and after World War II. Schneer shows us that just as the war had kept them together, the prospect of peace saw this supposedly unbreakable band fall apart, thus providing a fascinating insight into the birth of the Welfare State.


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  • EAN: 9781780746135

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