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New Venture Creation: Entrepreneurship For The 21st Century, 10th Ise ed.


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Publikováno: 2016
Formát: paperback
Cena: 1 160 Kč
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EMPHASIS ON PRACTICAL APPLICATION OF ENTREPRENEURSHIP?The authors have continued to edit for conciseness in this new edition, and have streamlined the reading experience by reducing the number of chapters from 19 to 18, and reducing the total volume of the text by 20 percent since the last edition to improve the flow of discussion. ADDITIONAL TEACHING & LEARNING RESOURCES?Instructor and student learning resources have been added to the Online Learning Center, including a concise Venture Opportunity Quick Screen in Excel form (formerly in Chapter 6), which students tend to use more readily than paper and pencil. DIVERSE LINEUP OF CASES? A special effort has been made to include cases that capture the dynamic ups and downs new firms experience over an extended time. Each case provides insight into how real companies handle issues presented. Problem Solving Opportunities?Two chapters, ?Clean Commerce: Seeing Opportunity through a Sustainability Lens? and ?Opportunities for Social Entrepreneurship,? present opportunities for entrepreneurs to solve environmental and wide-ranging social issues. Complete Business Plan?Chapter 7, ?The Business Plan?, presents a complete business plan guide along with tips, practical advice, and know-how from successful entrepreneurs and investors on the development and presentation of the plan. Study Questions?Each chapter provides study questions to enable the student to focus on key issues, test their knowledge, and organize important material and insights presented in the chapter. The Venture Opportunity Screening Exercises (VOSE)?Simplified and segmented into discreet exercises that can be used separately or in total. This change allows for maximum flexibility in the syllabus and when counseling individual students or mentoring field study projects.


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  • EAN: 9789814577465

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