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Open Source Intelligence Techniques: Resources for Searching and Analyzing Online Information


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Jazyk: angličtina
Publikováno: 2014
Formát: brožovaná; 418 stran kniha
Cena: 1 520 Kč běžně 1 689 Kč

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Third Edition (2014) Sheds New Light on Open Source Intelligence Collection and Analysis.

Author Michael Bazzell has been well known and respected in government circles for his ability to locate personal information about any target through Open Source Intelligence (OSINT). In this book, he shares his methods in great detail. Each step of his process is explained throughout sixteen chapters of specialized websites, application programming interfaces, and software solutions. Based on his live and online video training at, over 250 resources are identified with narrative tutorials and screen captures.

This book will serve as a reference guide for anyone that is responsible for the collection of online content. It is written in a hands-on style that encourages the reader to execute the tutorials as they go. The search techniques offered will inspire analysts to "think outside the box" when scouring the internet for personal information. Much of the content of this book has never been discussed in any publication. Always thinking like a hacker, the author has identified new ways to use various technologies for an unintended purpose. This book will improve anyone's online investigative skills. Among other techniques, you will learn how to locate:

Hidden Social Network Content
Cell Phone Owner Information
Twitter GPS & Account Data
Hidden Photo GPS & Metadata
Deleted Websites & Posts
Website Owner Information
Alias Social Network Profiles
Additional User Accounts
Sensitive Documents & Photos
Live Streaming Social Content
IP Addresses of Users
Newspaper Archives & Scans
Social Content by Location
Private Email Addresses
Historical Satellite Imagery
Duplicate Copies of Photos
Local Personal Radio Frequencies
Compromised Email Information
Wireless Routers by Location
Hidden Mapping Applications
Complete Facebook Data
Free Investigative Software
Alternative Search Engines
Stolen Items for Sale
Unlisted Addresses
Unlisted Phone Numbers
Public Government Records
Document Metadata
Rental Vehicle Contracts
Online Criminal Activity


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  • ISBN: 978-1-4942-7535-8
  • EAN: 9781494275358

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