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Oxford Arabic Dictionary

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Publikováno: 2014
Formát: hardback 2048 stran
Cena: 1 843 Kč běžně 2 048 Kč
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Arabic-English and English-Arabic two-way bilingual dictionary designed for both Arabic and English native speakers Based on real modern evidence of Modern Standard Arabic and English Over 130,000 words and phrases, and 200,000 translations Over 80,000 collocates and meaning indicators guide you to the right translation Over 70,000 fully translated example sentences and idioms taken from language in real use Vowels in all Arabic text help non-Arabic speakers in pronunciation and comprehension Extra features include tables of Arabic verb conjugations, full forms of Arabic numbers, dates, and years, and irregular English verbs Endorsed by academics worldwide, the Oxford Arabic Dictionary is the most authoritative English-Arabic / Arabic-English dictionary ever published. Based on real modern evidence and computational analysis of hundreds of millions of words of both English and Modern Standard Arabic (the standardized variety of Arabic used in writing and in most formal speech), the dictionary boasts more than 130,000 words and phrases and 200,000 translations. This up-to-date resource has been designed for both Arabic and English native speakers and includes the latest vocabulary from computing, business, the media, and the arts, across both languages. The organization and layout have been designed for maximum clarity and ease of use. The most commonly used sense of each word is shown first, helping you to identify and understand the correct meaning, and more than 70,000 real-life example phrases help you interpret meaning and usage accurately. All Arabic text is shown with vowels to aid the learner of Arabic in pronunciation and comprehension and the Arabic-English section of the dictionary is usefully organised by root, which are listed alphabetically. The dictionary is also packed with extra features including tables of Arabic verbs, Arabic numbers, dates, and years, and irregular English verbs. Produced using the unique dictionary resources of Oxford University Press with an international team of expert advisors, the Oxford Arabic Dictionary is a ground-breaking work, essential for any serious student of Arabic and English, as well as academics, professionals, business people, teachers, and translators. Readership: Ideal for editors, translators, business people, teachers, academics, and students.


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  • EAN: 9780199580330

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