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Oxford Dictionary of Christian Art & Architecture Second Edition (Oxford Paperback Reference)


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Publikováno: 2014
Formát: paperback 672 stran
Cena: 425 Kč běžně 472 Kč
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Comprehensive A-Z coverage of art and architecture influenced by Christianity in 1,900 cross-referenced entries First edition accessibly written by the renowned experts Linda and Peter Murray; new edition contributed to by numerous area experts Provides full coverage of the context and inspiration derived from the Christian world that underlies much of Western art and architecture Hundreds of specific examples of works of art and where to locate them Wide-ranging and updated bibliography on companion website New to this edition Over 100 new entries written by expert contributors Greatly expanded focus: entries covering newly emerged art of the 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries, and Christian art from around the world, including Africa, Asia, Australasia, and the Americas Major revision of authoritative bibliography, and relocation of this feature to a regularly updated companion web page The Oxford Dictionary of Christian Art and Architecture explains a wide range of terms used in the study of the history of Christian art and architecture including subjects, topics, themes, artists, works, movements, and buildings. This long-awaited new edition of Peter and Linda Murray's classic text continues to provide an invaluable, authoritative, and engaging guide to interpreting Christian Art both for students and teachers of the subject, as well as non-specialists or those without a formal education in Christianity. The new editor, the Reverend Tom Devonshire Jones, has been aided by over a dozen expert contributors, fully updating the text for the new century. Areas that have been expanded upon include the artwork, artists, and innovations of the 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries (such as the relationship between Christianity and film). Coverage includes art from around the world, with new entries upon the Christian art of North America, Latin America, Australasia, and of the non-Western world, as well as Christian artistic interactions with other religions, including Judaism and Islam. The detailed bibliography has been heavily revised and updated, increasing the number of sources cited and expanding on sources relevant to the study of non-traditional Christian art. The updated bibliography will be placed on a companion webpage to the Dictionary, which will also feature an appendix of web links to sites of relevant interest. Readership: Students and teachers of Christian art history and architecture; members of church communities; general readers interested in religious culture, art, and architecture; and visitors to art collections and galleries.


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  • EAN: 9780199695102

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