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Publikováno: 2006
Formát: Rok vydání: 2006 , Typ: paperback paperback 352 stran
Cena: 306 Kč ( 278 Kč bez DPH)
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Běžná cena 340 Kč


The Oxford Puzzle Solver will help to solve puzzles of all kinds quickly and easily. Over 500 lists covering a wide variety of subjects offer an excellent starting point for all puzzle sleuths working on crosswords or other word games. Includes animals, plants, metals, and food and drink, as well as lists for biographical names (artists and actors, doctors and scientists, etc.), geographical data (countries, US states, rivers, and mountains, etc.), and thematic lists on subjects such as architectural terms, chemical elements, and musical instruments. The Oxford Puzzle Solver has been compiled using the rich resources of Oxford's Dictionary Department and the Oxford Language Research Programme, the largest in the world. The material is clearly and accessibly laid out for quick look-up and ease of use. A full index will also help to access the varied information. The Foreword is written by Hugh Stephenson, crossword editor for Guardian newspapers. Together with the Oxford Crossword Dictionary, the Oxford Puzzle Solver will ensure that puzzles get solved every time!


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  • ISBN: 0192807129
  • EAN: 9780192807120

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