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PHINEAS REDUX (Oxford World´s Classics New Edition)


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Publikováno: 2011
Formát: paperback paperback 640 stran
Cena: 311 Kč běžně 346 Kč
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Phineas Finn's perilous political career takes a sensational turn when he is accused of murder, in the fourth of Trollope's Palliser series; political rivalries, romantic entanglements, the workings of justice and the popular press reflect some very modern preoccupations. The story of Phineas Redux, as well as being full of drama, draws in many themes with uncanny contemporary echoes: Anglo-Irish relations, Church-State relations, political bribery, a scandal-mongering press, injunctions to prevent publication of damaging stories, in ways that illuminate and add context to current preoccupations. In his introduction John Bowen considers the entwinement of public events and private passions in the book, the strength of the female characters and the analogies, both subtle and comic, between the different kinds of action (politics, hunting, romance) that the book contains. Invaluable appendix outlines the political context of the Palliser novels and establishes the internal chronology of the series and the relationship between fictional and actual political events, providing a unique understanding of the series as a linked narrative. Biographical Preface provides a compact biography of Anthony Trollope, and a Chronology charts his life against the major historical events of the period. Explanatory Notes flesh out the political, cultural, and social allusions. New to this edition Introduction, select bibliography, and explanatory notes by John Bowen. Biographical Preface outlining Trollope's life, and new Chronology. Appendix outlining the political context of the Palliser novels and establishing the internal chronology of the series and the relationship between fictional and actual political events, providing a unique understanding of the series as a linked narrative. Improved print appearance with an entirely reset text. 'It is no good any longer having any opinion upon anything' After the death of his wife, the handsome politician Phineas Finn returns from Ireland to the parliamentary fray. In his absence the political and social world has subtly changed, parties and policies no longer fixed and advancement dependent upon scheming and alliances. His private life lays him open to the scandal-mongering press, and the wild accusations of an unhinged rival; but much more than his reputation is at stake when he is accused of murdering a political opponent. Trollope shows a remarkably prescient sense of the importance of intrigue, bribery, and sexual scandal, and the power of the press to make or break a political career. He is equally skilled in portraying the complex nature of Phineas's romantic entanglements with three powerful women: the mysterious Madame Max, the devoted Laura Kennedy, and the irrepressible Lady Glencora (now Duchess of Omnium). The fourth of Trollope's Palliser novels, Phineas Redux is one of his most spellbinding achievements, and the first modern 'media' novel. Readership: General readers of classic literature, especially Victorian fiction and the novels of Anthony Trollope; readers of the Palliser series; students of Victorian fiction, politics, cultural studies.


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  • ISBN: 019958348X
  • EAN: 9780199583485

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