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Rare Malignant Skin Tumors

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Publikováno: 2015
Formát: hardback 347 stran
Cena: 4 490 Kč ( 4 082 Kč bez DPH)


This book provides practitioners with a single volume that reviews the clinical and pathologic features of rarely encountered cutaneous neoplasms. The text includes an in-depth discussion of the clinical findings, as well as the histologic and immunologic features of these diseases that are rarely encountered, reported, or recognized. Additional laboratory data used to make and support the diagnoses with some therapeutic and prognostic hints are discussed for each entity. The volume is organized into general categories correlating with the cell(s) of origin. An atlas of clinical manifestations is presented for each entity that will serve as a bedside clinical reference, followed by a series of photomicrographs depicting the histologic changes. In all cases, recent updates on molecular tools helpful in attaining the diagnosis are added to the sections on histology and immunohistochemistry. This book contains descriptions of 70 rare malignant cutaneous tumors that include clinical features, histological features, and immunopathological findings. … The primary audience is practitioners who treat or diagnose skin tumors, including surgical pathologists, dermatologists, oncologists, Mohs surgeons, and dermatopathologists. Residents in dermatology and pathology would find the book a useful reference as well. … This is a high quality book that gathers together in one place information about the rarest of malignant skin tumors. Rare Malignant Skin Tumors is a valuable bedside reference for the practicing dermatopathologist, general pathologist reviewing skin biopsies, general dermatologists, cutaneous oncologists and Mohs’ surgeon


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  • EAN: 9781493920228

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