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Revive : How to Transform Traditional Businesses into Digital Leaders

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Autor: B. Manning J. Albanese
Vydavatel: Pearson Education Ltd.
Publikováno: 2015
Formát: hardback 208 stran
Cena: 840 Kč ( 764 Kč bez DPH)
Ušetříte 148 Kč (15%)
Běžná cena 988 Kč
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GAME-CHANGING DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION: USE DIGITAL STRATEGIES, CHANNELS, AND PLATFORMS TO TRANSFORM ENTERPRISES TO COMPETE IN THE DIGITAL AGE * Move from "reactive digital" to "transformative digital" * Use digital capabilities to fundamentally change the way you lead, direct, and structure organizations and teams * Stay focused on the "moving target" of digital best practices, and accelerate your progress towards digital maturity REVIVE will help you build a core business model for creating your own digital disruptions-so you can deepen customer engagement, achieve unprecedented immediacy and efficiency, and dominate tomorrow's markets. Packed with proven strategies, in-the-trenches techniques, and cutting-edge case studies, it will help you change the game before the game changes you. It's no longer enough to buy software, or even cloud services. To fully leverage the benefits of digital, you must transform your teams, processes, and how you think about your business. Jason Albanese and Brian Manning have helped dozens of top enterprises do all this. Revive shares the lessons they've learned, and gives you a complete, end-to-end methodology that works. You'll learn how to use digital to rapidly move the dial on short-term profitability. But that's just the start. Revive will position you for long-term market leadership, by helping you capture new value from digital wherever great opportunities arise. Most companies have only gone "skin deep" with digital-and they've only garnered a fraction of the value they could be earning. In Revive, two world-renowned digital business advisors show how to drive a full-scale digital transformation that breaks down organizational barriers, cuts costs, accelerates product/service delivery, and dramatically improves customer engagement. Centric Digital co-founders Jason Albanese and Brian Manning draw on immense experience helping Fortune(R) 1000 companies succeed with digital strategies, platforms, and channels. They present data-backed insights into the ways midsize and large organizations are stuck hiring, managing, organizing, and leading in obsolete "analog" ways. Next, they offer proven, practical recommendations for fundamentally changing those behaviors to leverage the nearly boundless opportunities of digital. Their complete Digital Transformation Methodology guides you through benchmarking your digital maturity, envisioning strategy, roadmapping your transformation, and implementing the capabilities you need to execute.


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  • EAN: 9780134306438

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