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Spot 50 Cats

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Publikováno: 2012
Formát: paperback 56 stran
Cena: 102 Kč ( 93 Kč bez DPH)
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Běžná cena 120 Kč


Spot 50 Cats covers 50 different cats breeds from shorthair cats such as the Siamese and Russian Blue, to longhair cats such as the Maine Coon and Turkish Van. Illustrations of each breed are clearly labelled and accompanied by useful information and detailed fact files. Useful and practical features in Spot 50 Cats include: • A mini picture reference and practical details, such as scale, to help children quickly identify different species. • A cat breed list for kids to tick off once they spot a breed. This task gives kids the opportunity to 'collect' each species and record their progress. • A brief glossary to define important vocabulary such as tortoiseshell, flecked and marbling. • An introduction to explain key concepts such as the difference between pedigree and non-pedigree, cat sizes and a cat's anatomy. Discover amazing cat facts such as: • The first Sphynx kitten to be born was named 'Prune' because of her wrinkled, bald skin. • It is said Vikings kept Norwegian Forest cats as pets. They feature in many folk tales and are also known as 'fairy cats' in Norway. • The word 'tabby' comes from a place in the old city of Baghdad, called Attaibya, where striped silk was made and sold.


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  • EAN: 9781848105980

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