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Spot 50 Space

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Publikováno: 2013
Formát: paperback 56 stran
Cena: 102 Kč ( 93 Kč bez DPH)
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Spot 50 Space covers 50 different space objects from planets such as Mars and Saturn to space exploration machines such as space probes and astronomy satellites. Illustrations of each object are clearly labelled and accompanied by useful information and detailed fact files. Useful and practical features in Spot 50 Space include: • A space objects list for kids to tick off once they spot an object in the night sky or elsewhere. This task gives kids the opportunity to 'collect' each object and record their progress. • A brief glossary defining important vocabulary such as light year, asteroids and supernova, to ensure kids have a strong understanding of these scientific terms. • Useful annotations and labels that push children not only to identify each objects, but also to make detailed and sophisticated observations about them. Discover amazing space facts such as: • The Sun and Moon appear to be the same size. But the Sun is 400 times larger than the Moon, and 400 times further away. • Mars has the largest volcano in the Solar System. Olympus Mons is nearly three times higher than Mount Everest. Luckily it is probably extinct and won't erupt. • The Andromeda Galaxy is on a collision course with the Milky Way. Billions of years from now, they may pull each other apart and from a new, giant galaxy.


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  • EAN: 9781848109056

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