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Sure Pre-Intermediate Interactive Book for Whiteboards DVD-Rom

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Autor: Hobbs, M. Keddle, J. S.
Vydavatel: Helbling Languages
Jazyk: angličtina
Publikováno: 2014
Formát: multimedia DVD
Cena: 2 305 Kč ( 1 905 Kč bez DPH)
Ušetříte 256 Kč (10%)
Běžná cena 2 561 Kč
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SURE is a new 4-level course book by successful author for today’s digitally native and globally aware students. SURE presents appealing, contemporary themes integrated within a grammar syllabus aligned with the CEFR and Cambridge English (Key, Preliminary and First) plus Trinity (ISE I and II) exams. SURE is the result of extensive research carried out with students and teachers. An effective tool for the classroom which also allows students to learn autonomously at home. SURE guarantees a smooth and systematic start to each level thanks to its unique syllabus which revises previously learned language through a range of fresh new topics. About the AuthorsJulia Starr Keddle has been writing for 10 years and, with her husband Martyn Hobbs, has written numerous courses and other materials for upper Primary, teenage and young adults. When she has time, she is also a teacher trainer for NILE, Norwich. She and Martyn lived and taught English in Italy for over 10 years. Her special interests are teen development, interactional language and soft skills and the Common European Framework, about which she has written articles.Martyn Hobbs is an EFL writer of course books, readers and videos. He has been involved in ELT for around 30 years, teaching in Italy and the UK. Martyn believes in making learning interesting, involving and fun; he has a particular interest in stories in all their forms, from short stories and novels to scripts for the theatre and cinema. He has written a series of readers for Helbling Languages - The Westbourne Kids. He is also a prize-winning playwright and film screenplay writer. SURE strengths Accuracy & fluency focus Communication videos Also available with American English recordings Cloud book on e-zone Student’s Material Books and multimedia - Student´s Book & Workbook (12 Units: 6 Modules, 2 Units each) e-zone (access code on the SB&WB inside cover) - Cloud Book (including audios, videos and Student’s Book Wordlists) - Online Training (E-reader; Listenings for exams, also available in American English; Listening for communication; Pronunciation, also available in American English; Video activities for documentaries and vox pops; Extra Practice: all exercises from the Cyber Homework in self-study mode). - Cyber Homework - Culture & CLIL Projects Teacher’s Material Books and multimedia - Teacher’s Book + 3 Class Audio CDs + DVD - Tests & Resources + Testbuilder CD-ROM/Audio CD - Interactive Book for Whiteboards DVD-ROM e-zone (access code on the TB inside cover) - Placement Test - Video, grammar, vocabulary and communication worksheets Hours per Level: 80 to 90 hours SURE Exam Reference ChartBeginnerElementaryPre-IntermediateIntermediateCEFRA1A1-A2B1Toward B2Cambridge ExamTowards Cambridge English: Key (KET)Trinity ISE O/GESE Grades 1-2Cambridge English: Key (KET)Trinity ISE I/GESE Grades 3-4Cambridge English: Preliminary (PET)Trinity ISE I/GESE Grades 5-6Towards Cambridge English: First (FCE)Trinity ISE II/GESE Grades 7-8TOEFL iBT40-5657-8687-109TOEIC215350550750IELTS234-55-6


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  • EAN: 9783852728018

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