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Publikováno: 2003
Formát: paperback 272 stran
Cena: 388 Kč ( 353 Kč bez DPH)
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Běžná cena 431 Kč


Teach Yourself Swahili Dictionary contains a comprehensive vocabulary for working Swahili. It contains approximately 14,000 headwords, though the actual number of equivalents is far greater than this, and certainly enough for everyday use. Special care has been taken to include words that are appropriate to life in East Africa so that this dictionary is extensive in its coverage but also concise and practical to use. A useful Swahili grammar and practical hints on pronunciation are also included at the beginning of the dictionary. This edition has been updated by the author of the bestselling Teach Yourself Swahili to include the most recent usage of the language and reflect the considerable political, educational and scientific change since the 1960s. Because of the 'semantic explosion' that has taken place in Swahili over the last forty years, some words have acquired additional meanings and many English loanwords have been added to the Swahili-English section. The leader in self-learning with more than 300 titles, covering all subjects. Be where you want to be with Teach Yourself.


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  • ISBN: 0340867213
  • EAN: 9780340867211

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