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The Maudsley Prescribing Guidelines in Psychiatry, 12th ed.

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Publikováno: 2015
Formát: paperback 666 stran
Cena: 1 870 Kč ( 1 700 Kč bez DPH)


The fully updated 12th edition of an essential reference for anyone responsible for prescribing drugs for patients with mental health disorders. * A well-respected and widely-used source of information on which drugs to prescribe, which side effects to look out for, how best to augment or switch drugs, and more * Provides concise reviews of psychiatric disorders and relevant psychopharmacology, along with general guidance based on the data reviewed and current clinical practice * Includes specific guidance for schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety, substance abuse, and special populations such as children, the elderly and pregnant women * Each section features a full reference list so the evidence base can be checked quickly and easily


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  • EAN: 9781118754603

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