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Publikováno: 2007
Formát: hardback hardback 272 stran
Cena: 329 Kč ( 299 Kč bez DPH)
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Běžná cena 366 Kč


A collection of the most important stories from the Old Testament, powerfully retold by Berlie Doherty Here is a collection of some of the most powerful and wonderful stories from the Old Testament. We can trace the lives of memorable Biblical characters across the generations including Noah, Abraham, Jacob, Moses, Ruth, Saul and David. Their lives are played out in turbulent times - and the drama of great floods, plagues, journeys, and battles is revealed to us through stories that have been retold with spirit and originality by Berlie Doherty. From this epic sweep, Berlie Doherty's narrative draws out the emotions of real men and women: their hopes and fears, grief and joy, fulfilment and suffering, compassion and betrayal. Berlie Doherty brings us to an understanding of the promises that these people keep and the mistakes they make. Through all this we discover more about God and our faith in him. Fully illustrated throughout by Jason Cockcroft with both sumptuous colour and evocative black and white artwork, this collection of Bible stories is a book to cherish. Features More than forty stories from the Old Testament, retold by one of our most respected and well-loved writers for children. Berlie Doherty manages to make the stories of the Old Testament immediate, affecting and relevant for a young audience today. The drama of the writing is matched by the glorious detail of Jason Cockcroft's illustrations in both colour and black and white. A valuable addition to the family bookshelf - the stories are perfect for adults to share with children. Includes a comprehensive index of people and places.


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  • ISBN: 0192782142
  • EAN: 9780192782144

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