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The Perfect Gentleman: A Muslim Boy Meets The West


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Jazyk: angličtina
Publikováno: 01/2013
Formát: brožované
Cena: 307 Kč běžně 379 Kč
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nebo Hlídající pes, Doporučit známému, Položit dotaz prodejci, Přidat do oblíbených


Imran Ahmad shares his story of life as a Pakistani Muslim growing up in England in this appealing, humorous and poignant coming-of-age memoir that has received wide acclaim from the international literary world. When he was a young boy, Imran Ahmads parents entered him into aBonnie Baby contest in his hometown of Karachi, Pakistan. Despitebeing dressed very smartly in black suit, white shirt and dark tie,Ahmad lost to the contest organizers child. He was denied the titleof Karachis Bonniest Baby due to blatant nepotism. It was then, atthe age of one, that Ahmad began his lifelong struggle againstcorruption and injustice. Beginning with the particularly rainy day Ahmad was born andending at the age of 43, reunited with a Christian classmate whohad tried to convert him in grammar school, the perfect gentlemanis both deliciously funny and deeply insightful. Ahmad shares his own story of growing up a Muslim boy tornbetween his Islamic identity and his desire to embrace the West. Hemuses on his eternal quest to be the quintessential Englishgentleman (James Bond), his yearning for the coolest car (JaguarXJS), and his desire for the perfect girlfriend (preferablybrunette but any kind considered). With a unique style and unflinching honesty, the perfectgentleman addresses serious issues in an extraordinarily light wayand will leave readers thinking deeply and laughing out loud.


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  • ISBN: 1455528544
  • EAN: 9781455528547

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