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Ultrasound Evaluation of Focal Neuropathies


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Publikováno: 2013
Formát: hardback 500 stran
Cena: 6 147 Kč běžně 6 830 Kč
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Taking a "how-to" approach, the author meticulously describes the clinical evaluation of the peripheral nerves throughout the body using high-frequency ultrasound. The book opens with an introduction to the basics of ultrasound physics, instrumentation, and image optimization, scanning non-neurologic tissue, pertinent anatomy and anatomic variations, and normal and pathologic findings. The remainder of the text is a highly visual tour through the multiple nerves of the shoulder, neck, and upper and lower limbs, focusing on sonographic technique and acquisition and interpretation of findings. Clinical cases that illustrate the utility of anatomic localization with high-frequency ultrasound in conjunction with electrodiagnostic evaluations and clinical findings will be incorporated throughout. A bound-in DVD with actual video loops of the examinations (the corresponding "stills" in the book are taken from these loops) will also be included to demonstrate the important dynamic information ultrasound provides. "Ultrasound Evaluation of Peripheral Nerves and Entrapment Neuropathies" features: comprehensive yet practical text and atlas devoted to high-frequency ultrasound evaluation of peripheral nerve disorders and injuries; focused not simply on imaging technique; provides a context for utilizing ultrasound information for more comprehensive clinical evaluation and treatments; and, clinical cases that interface the imaging information with clinical and electrodiagnostic findings are interwoven throughout. It contains hundreds of high-quality images and line drawings to correlate anatomy and reflect probe placement. It includes a companion DVD with corresponding motion loops that provides important dynamic visualization, both of scanning techniques and tissue movement. It is a text that can be used by beginners or experienced practitioners.


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  • EAN: 9781936287673

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