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Urban Storm Water Management,2nd Ed.


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Formát: Hardback 710 stran
Cena: 2 997 Kč běžně 3 330 Kč
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Design Drainage and Storm Water Management Systems Efficiently Urban Storm Water Management, Second Edition covers the design, installation, and maintenance of storm water management systems, addresses the impact of urban development on runoff and infiltration, and focuses on storm water management relative to flooding and water pollution. Recognizing that urbanization increases and accelerates runoff, reduces infiltration, and deteriorates water quality, the author proposes storm water runoff as a resource that can be conserved for reuse. He suggests the reuse of storm water runoff in general, and rainwater from roofs in particular, as a cost-effective means to achieve long-term sustainability. In addition, the book explores green infrastructure as the future of storm water management, and introduces techniques that can help reduce the thermal impacts of storm water management practices. Based on the author's more than thirty years of experience, this book includes numerous examples and case studies illustrating the methods and procedures needed to design, maintain, and understand structural and nonstructural storm water management systems. It covers every component of the storm water runoff process, discusses commonly employed runoff models in the United States, and introduces a physically based model developed by the author. New in This Edition: * Provides an updated presentation of urbanization's impact on storm water * Presents further analysis of the universal runoff model and the application of this model to non-uniform rainfalls * Offers a more detailed presentation of storm water management systems, especially bio-filtration basins * Includes a comparative analysis of the effectiveness and costs of best management practices (BMPs) * Adds more than twice as many problems as before * Contains an in-depth discussion of the means of collecting storm water, such as roof rain for outdoor and certain indoor uses Urban Storm Water Management covers the design of various types of structural storm water management systems, provides new information on storm water management, suggests alternative solutions to storm water runoff problems, and serves as an overall resource for practicing engineers and municipal planners in the design of storm water management elements.


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