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WASHINGTON SQUARE (Oxford World´s Classics New Edition)


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Publikováno: 2010
Formát: paperback paperback 224 stran
Cena: 115 Kč běžně 128 Kč
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nebo Hlídající pes, Doporučit známému, Položit dotaz prodejci, Přidat do oblíbených


Washington Square is one of the most instantly appealing of James's early masterpieces, a tale of a trapped daughter and domineering father that has to do with money and love and innocence betrayed. Adrian Poole's excellent introduction shows how James's apparently simple story carries a great depth of meaning and understanding; he discusses its origins and influences, its historical and geographical location, and the delineation of character. Up-to-date bibliography and illuminating notes. Includes James's journal entry in which he recounts the anecdote told him by Fanny Kemble which gave the book its story. Includes a discussion of stage and film adaptations of the novel. New to this edition Introduction and Notes by James scholar Adrian Poole. Revised and up-to-date bibliography. Two appendices: extract from James's journal recounting the story told him by Fanny Kemble on which the stroy of the book is based; and an account of stage and film versions of the book. Completely reset and improved text. 'She will do as I have bidden her.' Catherine Sloper is heiress to a fortune and the social eminence associated with Washington Square. She attracts the attention of a good-looking but penniless young man, Morris Townsend. His suit is encouraged by Catherine's romantically-minded aunt, Mrs Penniman, but her father, a clever physician, is convinced that his motives are merely mercenary. He will not consent to the marriage, regardless of the cost to his daughter. Out of this classic confrontation Henry James fashioned one of his most deftly searching shorter fictions. First published in 1880 but set some forty years earlier in a pre-Civil War New York, the novel reflects ironically on the restricted world in which its heroine is marooned, seating herself at its close 'for life, as it were'. In his introduction Adrian Poole reflects on the book's gestation and influences, the significance of place, and the insight with which the four prinicipal players are drawn. The edition includes an account of the real-life tale that sparked James's imaginative genius. Readership: Readers of classic fiction, Henry James, those who have enjoyed film and TV adaptations of James's novels; students of American literature, The Novel, Women and Literature, Literature and Film.


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  • ISBN: 0199559198
  • EAN: 9780199559190

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