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Winning : The Ultimate Business How-To Book

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Autor: J. Welch
Vydavatel: Harper Collins UK
Publikováno: 2005
Formát: paperback 384 stran
Cena: 280 Kč ( 255 Kč bez DPH)
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Běžná cena 330 Kč
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The ultimate business how-to book by the icon of American business and one of the world's most revered and respected leaders, Jack Welch, former CEO of General Electric. Winning explores the changes of recent times and the new economic realities, and more than that, it identifies the central, immutable principals of doing business right and doing it well. "Winning is a book for the people in business who sweat, get their nails dirty, hire, fire, make hard decisions, and pay the price when those decisions are wrong," said Welch. "I see this book as a handbook for people in the trenches, turning their companies and the economy around, not just today, but for years to come. I think it will be useful for people just starting their careers or their own businesses to seasoned managers running multi-billion dollar enterprises. I've learned an enormous amount about what works and what doesn't work throughout my career and I'm very excited about sharing it in Winning." Welch will teach people how to win in business by distilling his experience in three critical areas: working within an organization, dealing with competitors, and handling matters of life and career. Critical to Welch's writing such an accessible, useful guide is his unique collaboration with his wife, Suzy, the former editor of the Harvard Business Review, who brings expertise in management, writing talent and a woman's sensibility to articulating the components of Welch's success.


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  • EAN: 9780007197675

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