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Worldwide Destinations, 7 rev. ed.


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Publikováno: 2016
Formát: Paperback
Cena: 1 269 Kč běžně 1 410 Kč
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Worldwide Destinations: The Geography of Travel and Tourism is a unique text that explores tourism demand, supply, organisation and resources for a comprehensive range of destinations and every country worldwide. The seventh edition is brought up to date with features such as: * An exploration of current issues such as climate change, sustainability, mobilities, emerging markets, demographic changes and the social impacts of tourism. * New and updated case studies throughout * More emphasis on emerging countries in Africa and Asia. * Improved full colour presentation, packed with useful learning resources such as location maps, discussion questions and assignments to aid understanding. * Online resources for lecturers and students including: multiple choice questions per chapter, power points, web links and video links The first part of the book comprises thematic chapters which detail the geographic knowledge and principles required to analyse the tourism appeal of destinations. The subsequent division of the book into regional chapters enables the student to carry out a systematic analysis of a particular destination, by providing insights on cultural characteristics as well as information on specific places. Worldwide Destinations is an invaluable resource for studying every destination in the world, by explaining tourism demand, evaluating the many types of tourist attractions and examining the trends that may shape the future geography of tourism. This thorough guide is a must-have for any student undertaking a course in travel and tourism.


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  • EAN: 9781138901810

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