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Young Adult Eli Readers Stage 5 (cef C1): Vanity Fair with Audio CD


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Publikováno: 2015
Formát: paperback 96 stran
Cena: 153 Kč běžně 170 Kč
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Scott Fitzgerald’s third novel was published in 1925 and has justifiably become a 20th century literary classic. In this Reader you will find: - Focus on… - CAE-style activities - Glossary of difficult words - Test yourself - Comprehension activities "Our story begins just outside Miss Pinkerton's Academy for Young Ladies at Chiswick Mall in London. A large family carriage is waiting for two young ladies, Amelia Sedley and Becky Sharp." Vanity Fair was written 200 years ago, but it is a thoroughly modern story that provides us with universal truths about what it means to be human, in all its splendour - and with all its imperfections. It is a story full of memorable characters who accompany you on a fascinating journey through the first part of the nineteenth century. Syllabus Verbs: Present perfect simple and continuous Past perfect simple and continuous with time clause by Future tenses Phrasal verbs Modal verbs: Could/could have (probability/past ability) Should Will Would/would have (future in the past) Might/might have (present/past possibility) Must/must have (present/past deduction) Must not (prohibition) Other: (eg. ask, reply, interrupt, repeat, suggest, comment, react, suppose, answer, explain)


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  • EAN: 9788853620347

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