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A Brief History of the Freemasons

Autor: Jasper Ridley

publisher: Constable & Robinson (UK)

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The history of the Freemasons has been often shrouded in mystery and suspicion. Since 1717, with the establishment of the Grand Lodge in London, the Freemasons have been a power within the nation, withstanding attacks from the Catholic Church, Hitler and public disapproval. Throughout the last three hundred years, the Freemasons have been influential in some of the most important turning points

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Traveller's Companion to Prague

Autor: Jan Kaplan

publisher: Constable & Robinson (UK)

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The 'golden' city of Europe still unspoiled Built on the banks of the meandering river Moldau, Prague has for centuries been an inspiration to artists and writers, inhabitants and visitors, many of whom have declared the 'hundred-towered' city to be one of the most beautiful in the world, though one with a turbulent history. Jan Kaplan's selection from letters, diaries, memoirs and

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