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Intracardiac Echocardiography

Autor: Kolektiv autorů - Frank E. Silvestry, Susan E. Wiegers

publisher: CRC Press

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Intracardiac Echocardiography is the first echocardiographic textbook of its kind to specifically cover ICE. Discussing all aspects of intracardiac ultrasound, it allows readers to perfect ICE image acquisition and helps to guide interpretation of this information during interventional and electrophysiologic procedures.

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Conveyors: Application, Selection, and Integration (Industrial Innovation Series)

Autor: Patrick M. McGuire

publisher: CRC Press

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Put simply, this is probably the first book in 40 years to comprehensively discuss conveyors, a topic that seems mundane until the need arises to move material from point A to point B without manual intervention. Conveyors: Application, Selection, and Integration gives industrial designers, engineers, and operations managers key information they must consider to determine which type of conveyor

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Cellular Manufacturing: Mitigating Risk and Uncertainty

Autor: John X. Wang

publisher: CRC Press

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In today's business world, competitiveness defines leading edge in industry and business. The drive toward maximum efficiency is constantly at the forefront of such companies' objectives. Engineering professionals and business leaders across the county are striving to Cellular Manufacturing practices to help mitigate risk and uncertainty associated with their business bottom-line. This book

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Applied Differential Equations : The Primary Course

Autor: Dobrushkin, Vladimir A.

publisher: CRC Press

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A Contemporary Approach to Teaching Differential Equations Applied Differential Equations: An Introduction presents a contemporary treatment of ordinary differential equations (ODEs) and an introduction to partial differential equations (PDEs), including their applications in engineering and the sciences. Designed for a two-semester undergraduate course, the text offers a true alternative to

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Oral Medicine, 2nd Ed. Int ed.

Autor: Lewis, M. A. O.

publisher: CRC Press

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This is a revised edition of a bestselling handbook. The authors have fully updated the text to include the most up to date treatment options, have added a section on head and neck imaging (CT/MRI), a series of self-test clinical cases, and 100 new photographs. The book uses a symptom-based approach to assist the clinician in the diagnosis and management of those conditions that fall into the

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