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All Along the Danube: Recipes from Germany, Austria, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, Hungary, Romania...

Autor: Marina Polvay

publisher: Hippocrene Books (US)

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For novices and gourmets alike, this unique cookbook offers a tantalizing variety of dishes from the shores of the Danube River. Its recipes bring Old World flavor directly into today's kitchen with such cherished favorites as "Weiner Schnitzel," "House Knedliky" (Bread Dumplings), "Hungarian Goulash," "Shrimp Sophya," and "Mititei" (Romanian Sausage). Complete with b/w photos.

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Best of Czech Cooking

Autor: Peter Trnka

publisher: Hippocrene Books (US)

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While similar to the cuisines of Russia, Hungary and Poland, Czech cooking is uniquely appealing, practical and elegant. This edition includes 240 easy-to-prepare recipes and a concise guide to Czech aperitifs, wine and beer.

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