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Burnett-hall on Environmental Law

Autor: Kolektiv autorů - Burnett,Hall, Richard

publisher: Různí dodavatelé - mimo EU

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This acclaimed work provides detailed and authoritative coverage of all the principal areas of environmental law in a single volume, including all relevant EU legislation and its implications in the UK. The new edition has been substantially revised to reflect the rapid development of this area of law and now includes: * Discussion of the functions and powers of the Environment Agency and the

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Mitzvoth Ethics and Jewish Bible

Autor: Ratheiser, G. M. H.

publisher: Různí dodavatelé - mimo EU

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Ratheiser's study provides the framework for a non-confessional, mitzvoth ethics-centered and historical-philological approach to the Jewish bible and deals with the basic steps of an alternative paradigmatic perspective on the biblical text. The author seeks to demostrate the ineptness of confessional and ahistorical approaches to the Jewish bible. Based on his observations and his survey of the

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Reconstructing Biblical Dead Sea Scrolls

Autor: Herbert, E.

publisher: Různí dodavatelé - mimo EU

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The first section of this volume develops a battery of scientifically-based tools to aid the reconstruction of biblical Dead Sea Scrolls, which, when applied together, are designed to improve the quality of reconstruction attainable. The focus then moves to the non-masoretic biblical scroll, 4QSama, for which 63 fragment identifications and an analysis of the character of the scroll are

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