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Hans and Rudolf

Autor: Thomas Harding

publisher: Windmill Books

0 / 5
The gripping true story of the tenacious soldier who tracked down Rudolf Höss, the infamous commander of the Auschwitz death camp and the murderer of 1.3 million men, women, and children.

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Autor: Hillary Jordan

publisher: Windmill Books

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Sometimes it's necessary to do wrong. Sometimes it's the only way to make things right.' Now a Netflix original movie, starring Carey Mulligan, Garrett Hedlund, Jason Mitchell & Mary J. Blige ‘A masterly, meaningful tale from America’s divided past … This is a giant of a story.’ Guardian ‘A sweeping, often spellbinding epic of cinematic storytelling that runs right up against the definition

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How to Be Human

Autor: Paula Cocozza

publisher: Windmill Books

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SHORTLISTED FOR THE DESMOND ELLIOTT PRIZE 2018 'In evocative and elegant prose Cocozza delves deep into the psyche of a strange and troubled woman. The reader is invited to share in her intense connection to a fox and will admire the author's mordantly witty dissection of contemporary manners.' -Sarah Perry, chair of Judges for Desmond Elliott Prize You've seen a fox. Come face to face in an

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